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What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is contracting with another company or person to do a particular function which you may have previously performed internally or which you deem necessary or important.

Why is outsourcing beneficial?

Outsourcing is beneficial for the companies due to the following reasons:

  • Lower cost
  • Greater Accountability
  • Access to Skilled resources , otherwise not available in your geographical region
  • Focus of core competencies
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Lesser risk

How do I avail the services of your company?

In order to avail our services, you are just required to get in touch with us without any worries. We will, then, guide you effectively.

How can I get the best professionals for meeting my needs of outsourcing my projects?

Capital Numbers is the home of the some of the best professionals who can take care of your business needs with greater amount of expertise.

How much can I reduce my operational costs by outsourcing my requirements to you?

One of the biggest problems facing businesses, is to try and save money without impacting service. Offshore Outsourcing allows you reach out to suppliers in lower cost geographies and thus, reduce your cost of services.

How safe is India for a stable outsourcing destination?

India has the largest share in the global outsourcing market. Hence, you should not have any doubts over this question.

Are your employees qualified, certified, and experienced?

Yes, our employees are university graduates and post-graduates with 3 -7 yrs of experience in their respective area of work.

How are your services different from other companies?

In terms of technical skills we are as good as the rest of the companies out ther, both onshore and offshore. Our team also possess all qualities that contractor should have. But that is not what differentiates us from others. Job skills aside, our team have been praised for these qualities:

  • Communication Skills
  • Predictability
  • Taking keen interest in client's business industry/domain


This is where we are way ahead of the rest. Our clients have found these 3 characteristics of our staff very influential in the overall success of their project.

Where exactly is Capital Numbers located in India?

Capital Numbers is located in Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy. It is the capital city of the province West Bengal in the Eastern region of India. We are 5:30 hours ahead of GMT.

How long is your company working in this field?

Though Capital Numbers has just completed its first year in its physical existence, but the team behind it possesses a professional experience of more than ten years at the topmost level.

Do you have all sorts of infrastructure for supporting huge amount of tasks?

Yes. We are adequately equipped and have the finest working environment.

What services can I expect from you once I hire a retainer from your company?

As a company Capital Numbers is responsible for making available all the support , in terms of HR services, Infrastructure and Technical guidance to ensure that working relationship is successful and sustainable over a long term.

How long does Capital Numbers take to get going with my project after the payments are made in full?

It usually takes 10-15 days after signing the contract and getting the fee for the first month to make the selected contractor available to start working on your projects

What help can I expect from Capital Numbers in case I face any problem with my dedicated designer or developer?

In any such situation, you are just required to inform us indicating the details of the issue that you are facing. We will evaluate the situationa and then try to come out with a solution of your problems as soon as possible. As a last resort, we will provide an alternative for dedicated employee you had selected previously.

How long do you take usually to solve out the problems from your clients?

Solving any real life problem is our first priority at Capital Numbers. We try to solve the problems within 24-48 hours except weekends or holidays.

How many dedicated staffs are working under Capital Numbers at the moment?

At present, clients from over the world have hired over 50+ staff on monthly retainer.

Do you also have any refund policy?

Yes, Capital Numbers has a refund policy which ensures refund of the balance amount after excluding the fee for the number of days for which work has already been done on your project.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payments by PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Can I resell your services?

Yes you can resell our services. Please get in touch.

How Capital Numbers can help me to select the best dedicated employee?

Capital Numbers can assist you to find out the best and also the most efficient dedicated employee who would look after your needs at his best. We can furnish you the list of the best candidates along with their resumes to choose from.

How would I be able to monitor the progress on my projects?

There are many ways to track progress:

  • Reviewing the work report uploaded by your contractor and directly interacting with them
  • Reviwing the work uploaded on the server or reviwing code checked into on Git
  • Looking at the daily timesheet which is shared with you


Can I get in touch with the team who would be responsible for my work?


How can I communicate with the team?

You can send emails and chat with our team members on Skype, Gtalk, and other Instant Messengers.

Do you have any specific leave or holiday rules?

Yes, the employees do not work on important national holidays. Please get in touch if you want to look at the holiday list of this year

How many hours of service can I expect from your company every week?

This depends upon the plan that you choose. For full-time hiring, your contractor will work for 40 hrs a week while, for part-time hiring the work for 4 hrs in a week.

Do you work on Sundays also?

No. However, it can be arranged only if our employees are willing and comfortable to do the same

Can your professionals speak in English?

Yes, most of our professionals communicate in Fluent English and therefore, you won't have any problem in joining them over telephone or chatting with them in Skype, Gtalk, and instant messenger.

What services can I outsource to your company?

Capital Numbers has been a one-stop-shop for top class IT, Design, Online Marketing and Testing related services.

Why shall I hire a dedicated resource?

Since a dedicated resource, individual, or a dedicated team works exclusively on the projects of the clients so it can increase the work competency and reduce cost effectiveness to a great extent. That's why hiring these professionals can be beneficial for your own projects.

Are dedicated hiring services pre-paid?


You can hire dedicated developers, designers or teams but they will start working on your assignments only after the receipt of the payment of the first month in advance.

Do I need to have any employment tax, insurance, or labor law obligations/liabilities as a result of hiring a dedicated staff?

As you are just hiring a service from Capital Numbers so all your dedicated employees remain the legal employees of the company. You do not need to have any employment tax, insurance or labor law obligations or liabilities.

I want to hire an employee. What next?

We welcome any such initiative from our probable clients. In case you need to hire an employee, you need to get in touch with Capital Numbers along with your requirements in detail. You should also make us know what exactly you are looking for.

It would be highly appreciable from your end if you make us know your requirements including the probable qualification of the employee to be hired, the required skill set, timing and job responsibilities. This information will help us to find out the best professionals available with us.

After getting your requirements in details, we will forward you the resumes of the most suitable professionals who would meet your requirements well. This process takes a few days but we would try to furnish the resumes as soon as possible. However, we can help you in case you have some confusion about the people and services you are looking for.

Can I review resumes, test the candidates, and conduct interviews? Do I select the employee that works for me?


As an employer, you can certainly review resumes, test the candidates, and conduct interviews. Capital Numbers would furnish you the list and resumes of the suitable candidates as per your requirement first. You can select the most suitable candidate from the list and conduct interviews.

You can even assign tests to these selected candidates. We will conduct the tests and send you the results for your perusal. Capital Numbers provides the lists and resumes without creating any financial liabilities to you.

I Have decided on the employee I want to hire. What do I need to do to have him start working for me?

It sounds quite pleasing to us. However, you are required to fulfill the following formalities before the dedicated employee starts working for you:

  • First, we will send you a draft contract form which you would need to go through and show your approval.
  • Then we would send you the original contract form along with the invoice for the first month. You would be required to sign the contract form and send it back to us along with the payment against the invoice.
  • We would, then, create your account in our database where your hired employee should be officially allocated for you. After this step is completed, you can start sending your assignments to the dedicated employee whom you have hired officially.

Is it possible to increase the notice period from for terminating the contract/services?


We mainly work with rolling month contract where each subsequent month starts after getting the payment at the end of the previous month. We are open discuss the possibilities of longer term contracts with greater notice period.

Can I hire my employee on part time basis? What are the proceedings and charges for the same?


You can hire an employee on part time or even on hourly basis. The proceeding are same however, the charges differ. You can get the charges by getting in touch with us.

What is included in the price? Are there any hidden charges?

The price for each and every hiring plan includes the fee for the dedicated individual employee along with other infrastructural charges which your dedicated employee would be using in the office while working exclusively on your projects.

Do you have any set-up fee before putting any project under way?


Can I expect some discounts if I hire multiple dedicated employees?

It really depends on several factors. We are open for discussion and work out a structure that is sustainable in the long term for both of us.

Should I offer some incentives to my hired contractor?

Yes, it is entirely your decision and you can offer incentive to your hired contractor after discussing this with us.

How is he/ she supposed to get the benefits of this incentive?

As this incentive is offered for your hired employee so the entire amount of incentive is passed on to him/ her only after deducting the applicable taxes.

Do I work with the same employee everyday or will there be any rotational base for the availability of the virtual employees?

Yes, you will be working with the same employee and there is no rotation on dedicated hiring service.

What hardware support do you provide to the employee who would be dedicated to my assignments only?

Capital Numbers provides all dedicated employees with a new computer, preferably a laptop just at the beginning of a dedicated job. However, he/ she can make use of all the hardware components in the office which includes printers, scanners, and Internet devices.

Who would monitor my employee, me or Capital Numbers?

You would be required to monitor your dedicated employee by yourself. You will also be needed to assign him/ her task on everyday basis.

How do you determine the price of a certain project? Is it fixed or varies from one project to another?

The price of every project is determined by the nature and requirement of a certain project. Capital Numbers takes care of various factors including complexity, previous experience and estimation duration of the project to determine its cost.

As the nature and requirements of various projects vary from one another so the cost of every project also varies from one project to another.

How do you ensure any situation when your employee leaves your organizations all of a sudden?

The chances of occurrence of such a situation are very less as we offer highly competitive salary package to all our employees, including dedicated employees. Moreover, we have notice periods for leaving for every employee for leaving a certain position at the company and every employee is abide by this regulation. This notice period enables us to get an alternative for the dedicated designer or developer for continuing with your projects.

Can I visit India to train my employee?


You can visit us if you think it is necessary and beneficial.

Can my employee work the same office hours as me?

We are located in India and we are 5:30 hours ahead of GMT. We work according to the following time table:

2:00 PM – 11:00 PM AEST
9:30 AM – 6:30 PM IST
5:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT
12:00 AM – 9:30 AM EST
9:00 PM – 6:00 AM PST
However, your dedicated employee can work as per your time schedule but it will increase the cost of the services as the employee will have to work on a nonstandard schedule.

How should Capital Numbers confirm me about the safety and security of my confidential data?

Safety and security of your confidential data is a top priority for us. We have no need or intention of disclosing your confidential data with anyone else, except the employees of the company who are assigned to work with you.

What procedures do you follow to protect my confidential data?

Capital Numbers take very effective measures to protect the safety and security of your data. The following are a few of them:

  • All your data would remain with your own servers and thus, no employee can have any access to it locally.
  • None of your data can be stored in the PC or laptop of your employee which can prevent them from using the data later on.
  • All employees have to sign to data confidentiality agreement as a part of their employee agreement

How long does a hired employee work on full time or part time basis? (Or, what is the working schedule of the hired employee n full-time and/or part-time basis?)

Your dedicated employee can work as per the contract signed by us. Normally, a dedicated employee works for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

How can you assure me about long term availability of my dedicated employee?

Capital Numbers assures the best and a long term availability of the dedicated employees as we offer the best and the most competitive salary package to all our employees include the ones who are works as dedicated or hired employees. Besides, their association with us is protected with notice periods and all our employees abide by this regulation.

What are the leave and holiday policies of Capital Numbers?

All our employees at Capital Numbers are available on all weekdays and also on 1st and 3rd Saturdays. We also have a few fixed holidays throughout a certain year. You can place your request for getting the complete holiday list.

It is good to inform that the billing or preparation of the invoices does not include these off-days as Capital Numbers promises wages for the number of days it provides its services to its clients. This is reflected in every invoice and you can notice it while going through them.

Do you provide replacement in case an employee gets absent or takes a leave?

Yes, it is a part of our responsibility at Capital Numbers. We provide alternate resources in case your hired employee falls ill or takes along leave due to any reasons.

How should I communicate with my employee?

Our development centre has been furnished with all infrastructural settings and you can take advantage of these to communicate with your hired employee. You can send frequent Emails everyday to your dedicated employee. You can even communicate with him/ her over Gtalk, Skype, and Instant Messenger.

Do all your existing dedicated employees speak well in English?

Yes. All our dedicated employees are qualified and they are well-versed in English. You won’t have any problem in communicating with them in English.

Do you have any notice period before I decide to terminate a dedicated developer or designer?

Yes, Capital Numbers has a notice period for all our clients who avail dedicated employees and wish to terminate contract. If you are working with one employee then you need to inform us formally before 1 month. However in case of multiple hiring, your notice period will be 3 months.

Why is this notice period needed?

This notice period is required to find suitable work for the dedicated employee who had been working for you till you terminate him/ her. It is also meant for successful completion of your assignments well before the notice period ceases and the assignments are handed over to you on the timeliest manner.

What is the possibility of Capital Numbers terminating the contract?

This possibility is nearly negligible as Capital Numbers believes in long term relationship with the clients.

Does Capital Numbers sign Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)? Will my employee abide by this NDA?


Capital Numbers signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with its clients. The company has its own prescribed format for that. However, we can also sign any specific NDA approved by our clients. All our employees abide by this NDA.

Can I and my firm have full intellectual property and ownership of work rights?


You and your firm can have 100% intellectual property and ownership of work rights.

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