How it Works

Just 4 easy steps to find and work with the candidate who has the right skills for doing the job!

  • Select Speciliazation

    You begin by identification of the type of skill that you require. This can either be just one skill ex. PHP or, it can be different type of skills ex. a PHP Developer and an App Developer. You can browse the different profiles that we offer. It is also okay if you do not fully understand what skills will be needed to get a particular work done. Our team of business consultants are there to help you out. Just get in touch and tell us about your requirements.


  • Select Engagement Model & Pricing

    Depending upon the nature of your requirement you may to choose to hiring us on Hourly, Part-Time or Full-Time Basis. For example, you may have a long-term need for a designer and choose to hire a full time designer but, for a one-time development need, you may hire a developer on hourly basis. Again, we will guide you through the process and help you to find the best deal that will suit your needs at the most.


  • Commence Work

    According to your requirements, we will suggest you the required resource profiles. You may choose to conduct a short interview to be sure whether the candidates meet your requirements. In case you are hiring us on full-time or part-time basis, you may opt for a 2-week paid trial before signing the contract. Once the payment is sorted, the resources are allocated to you and you can start assigning the hired person tasks. You can choose to communicate with each team member directly or, we can allocate a project manager for which you won't be billed separately.


  • Review & Pay

    Once the individual projects have been assigned, your team exclusively works as a full-time dedicated resource and sends daily/weekly work updates as required by you. Part-time Hiring and Full-time hiring contract needs to be renewed at the end of the month and Hourly contracts needs to be renewed as soon as the allocated hours are finished. We accept payments through Credit Card, PayPal and Wire Transfer.



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